Available LDDesignPad Plugins

Name and Description

Author Version Link
This plugin inlines all subparts but does not inline part files.
 Orion Pobursky  v1.0  Get it here!
Minifig Generator
This plugin will create a cool Minifig for you!
 Orion Pobursky  v1.5  Get it here!
Wheel Generator  
Creates exacts combinations of wheel holder, wheels and tyres, all aligned. (No more need to use tiny movements to align wheels and tyres).
 Niels Karsdorp
 v1.1.2  Get it here!
Plugin Track Generator  
Plugin Track Generator is a plugin for LD Design Pad for LDraw to lay blue and gray track and sleepers. Very useful for laying curves!
 Niels Karsdorp
 v1.1  Get it here!
Plugin Bracelet Generator  
Plugin Bracelet Generator is a plugin to create scala jewlery bracelets and tiles!
 Niels Karsdorp
 v1.0  Get it here!
Plugin Rewind  
Plugin Rewind is a plugin for LD Design Pad for LDraw to rewind triangles and quads!
 Niels Karsdorp
 v1.0  Get it here!
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