What is LDDesignPad?

LDDesignPad is a powerful open-source text editor designed to make hand-editing
of LEGO LDraw files easy.  Far more advanced than a simple notepad,
LDDesignPad features custom syntax hilighting, LDraw piece color support,
multiple file editing, and a plug-in architecture that allows for additional expansion.
Why was LDDesignPad created?

LDDesignPad was mainly written because I am an reviewer in the parts tracker 
and I needed a tool to re-edit some files in a comfortable way. With ongoing use I 
expanded the program with more and more features.

How does the feature list looks like?
Ok.. here it goes:
  • Fully customizable editor with syntax highlighting
  • Open multiple files at the same time
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo
  • Use/define codesnippets
  • Editing features like Inlining of parts, commenting etc.
  • Seamless integration of L3P error check of parts at a button click 
  • Integration of ML-Cad and LD-View
  • Plugin-Support!!!! Expand LDDesignPad with your own plugins in 
    C++ or Delphi. Code samples / example plugins are included.
Sounds good. What about screenshots?

Yeah Yeah.... Here they are!


Looks really good! Where do I get it?
Go to the Download section and download it there. 
Find here plugins which have been written by other LDraw fanatics, too :-).
Wow. Sweet program! What can I do in return?
This program is for free. If you want to participate in development we will be very glad about it! ;)

Use LDDesignPad at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damage or data loss that could occur.